J.U.M. Engineering 3-500 THC Analyzer
JUM 3-500 THC Analyzer  $412.50 $962.50 $2,750

19" space saving rack mount and table top heated emission analyzer for the continuous determination of the mass concentration of total gaseous organic carbon using the Flame Ionization Detector method.

The 3-500 complies with QAL1 (EN 14181-EN ISO 14659), with EN 12619, EN 13526, US EPA Method 25A and US EPA Method 303

Low fuel gas consumption. The combustion air supply for the FID detector built in. No external cylinder for synthetic air needed.

No heated block; To prevent hydrocarbon hang up (memory effect) and related drifting all components in contact with sample like detector, sample filter, sample pump and sample pressure restriction are discreetly mounted in a 190°C heated oven for easy straightforward servicing. The disposable heated sample filter cartridge is easily accessible in the rear panel.