Thermo Scientific 43iQ Sulfur Dioxide Analyzer
Thermo Scientific 43iQ Sulfur Dioxide Analyzer $405 $945 $2,700

The Thermo Scientific™ 43iQ Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) Analyzer utilizes pulsed fluorescence technology to measure the amount of sulfur dioxide in the air.

The pulsing of the UV source lamp serves to increase the optical intensity whereby a greater UV energy throughput and lower detectable SO2 concentration are realized.

Reflective bandpass filters, as compared to commonly used transmission filters, are less subject to photochemical degradation and more selective in wavelength isolation. This results in both increased detection specificity and long term stability.

The Thermo Scientific iQ Series Gas Analyzer provides a smart environmental monitoring solution designed for reliability, easy operation and proactive maintenance. Get more control over your instrument’s performance, costs, workflow and data availability.