Thermo Scientific 48iQ Carbon Monoxide Analyzer
Thermo Scientific 48iQ Carbon Monoxide Analyzer $405 $945 $2,700

The Thermo Scientific™ 48iQ Carbon Monoxide (CO) Analyzer utilizes gas filter correlation technology to measure the amount of carbon monoxide in the air.

The 48iQ Analyzer is based on the principle that carbon monoxide (CO) absorbs infrared radiation at a wave length of 4.6 microns. Because infrared absorption is a nonlinear measurement technique, it is necessary for the instrument electronics to transform the basic analyzer signal into a linear output.

The 48iQ Analyzer uses an exact calibration curve to accurately linearize the instrument output over any range up to a concentration of 10,000ppm.

The Thermo Scientific iQ Series Gas Analyzer provides a smart environmental monitoring solution designed for reliability, easy operation and proactive maintenance. Get more control over your instrument’s performance, costs, workflow and data availability.