GrayWolf Zephyr II Digital Manometer
Specification Sheet
Operation Manual
GrayWolf Zephyr II Digital Manometer $78.75 $183.75 $525

Each Zephyr II instrument includes a built-in, auto-zeroing, micro-manometer and 'K'-type thermocouple input for measuring differential pressure, static pressure and temperature. The auto-zeroing feature allows for highly accurate differential pressure logging over time. With a pitot tube, the Zephyr provides direct air velocity readings. Zephyrs can also be fitted with a telescoping 3-function probe (model 2300 AHTS) to measure humidity, temperature and (hotwire) airspeed.

The Zephyr II range has been designed with the user in mind. The large rubber grip and simple membrane switch pad ensure the unit is comfortable to use allowing pushbutton operation even with gloves on. The 2300 AHTS probe attaches to the side of the instrument for single-handed operation.

The display and menu system provide step-by-step guides for each operation. This ensures minimal user training is required. Data capture is included as standard to allow duct traversing. Volumetric flow is calculated by simply entering the size of the duct and the instrument performs the necessary calculation.