Hanna Soil Test Direct Soil Conductivity Tester #HI98331
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Hanna Soil Test Direct Soil Conductivity Tester #HI98331  $11.25 $26.25 $75

The HI98331 Soil Test™ is a pocket tester specifically designed to directly measure soil conductivity (EC) and temperature. With a compact size, single button operation, and automatic calibration, Soil Test is an excellent choice for taking direct conductivity measurements in soil.


  • Lightweight & Portable - Made to fit comfortably in your hand, this compact EC tester for soil has an easy-to-view LCD. The stainless steel electrode allows for direct penetration into soil and soil slurries.
  • Made for Any User - The HI98331 makes testing easy for any user with single button operation and automatic calibration to 1413 µS/cm conductivity standard. /p>
  • Integrated Temperature Probe - Using a fixed 2%/C temperature correction coefficient, this EC tester has a built-in temperature sensor so that samples are automatically compensated for temperature variations.
  • No need for soil slurries with the steel penetration electrode.
  • Integrated temperature sensor for automatic temperature compensation.
  • Great for environmental and agricultural testing.