Phase II+ Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Handheld UTG-2700 w/Through Coating Capabilities
Phase II+ Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Handheld UTG-2700 w/Through Coating Capabilities Unit Only $56.25 $131.25 $375

The Phase II+ UTG-2700 ultrasonic thickness gauge is a simple to use, highly accurate, hand-held Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge with the ability to measure materials in high resolution. Utilizing it’s state of the art microprocessor and ultrasonic technology the UTG-2700 ultrasonic thickness gauge offers you many outstanding features such as quick scan and extended memory. This latest ultrasonic thickness gauge features reliable and stable readings, standard or echo to echo measuring modes, convenient data display (in both millimeters and inches),high resolution .001” (0.01mm), ease of operation and low power consumption(two AA batteries). The UTG-2700 ultrasonic thickness gauge has Auto Probe Detection along with Thru Coating technology and can perform one or two point calibration for highest accuracy. These features make UTG-2700 ultrasonic thickness gauge unequalled in its performance as well as its value!

The Phase II+UTG-2700 ultrasonic thickness gauge will accurately display readings in either inch or millimeter after a simple calibration to a known thickness or sound velocity.


  • Large Measuring range from 0.030” up to 19.65” (Steel)
  • Automatic Probe Zero
  • Automatic probe detection and Cal feature
  • Adjustable Sound Velocity
  • Selectable Measurement Modes: Standard, Scan, Alarm, High Temp, Average, pipe wall or echo-echo for thru coating measurement
  • Special Flip Screen (can switch display 180°)
  • Special pipe wall measure mode to improve accuracy on a curved surface
  • High capacity memory storage ( up to 2000 groups)


  • Measuring range: (steel)
  • Standard Mode: 0.040” – 19.6” depending upon probe and material
  • Thru Coating Mode: 0.118” - 1.96”
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.0002” (if thickness is below 3mm); +/- 0.002” (if thickness is below 20mm)
  • Display Resolution:. Selectable 0.01”, 0.001”, (0.1, 0.01,mm) 
  • Memory capacity:500 test values
  • Measuring frequency: 1MHz(Normal mode) up to 10MHz
  • Refresh Rate: 2-20 time/sec 
  • Sound velocity range: 0.0394 – 0.3936in/min (1,000-9,999m/s)
  • Display LCD: 128x64mm with Backlight
  • Output: USB
  • Operating Temp: -10º - +50ºC
  • Battery: Two 1.5V AA batteries
  • Dimensions: 136mm×72mm×20mm
  • Relative humidity:<90%
  • Weight: 5.6oz (176g)(unit only)