Geotech Interface Meter
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100' cable $67.50 $157.50 $450
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200' cable $67.50 $157.50 $450
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Geotech Interface Meters accurately measure the depth and thickness of oil and water layers in spaces as small as ¾ inch inner diameter. The probe is designed with dual sensor technology that distinguishes hydrocarbons from conductive fluid layers, an engineer-grade tape tested to federal specifications, and materials of construction to withstand the most rugged field conditions.


  • Precise oil/water layer detection
  • Highly visible printed markings in engineeringor metric units
  • HDPE coated steel-core dog bone shaped tape
  • Power saving auto sleep mode
  • Buzzer and LED indicator
  • Adjustable brake resistance
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Field serviceable components
  • Made in USA