Aquaread AP-LITE Digital Water Quality Meter
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Aquaread AP-LITE Digital Water Quality Meter w/ 3M Cable  $101.25 $236.25 $675


 The AP-LITE is a simple probe with a single optical socket. This socket is able to house any of Aquaread optical electrodes, including turbidity and chlorophyll. A temperature sensor is also included on the probe. The AP-LITE package includes a rugged 3m cable, our GPS Aquameter, a range of accessories and a rugged carry case.

AP-LITE Key Features:

  • IP67 handheld display
  • Backlit display with ergonomic keypad
  • 1110-point data memory
  • GPS recording and site tag information
  • Data export via USB to AquaLink utility
  • User replaceable AA batteries
  • Easy to follow calibration procedures

Optical Electrode Options:

  • Turbidity
  • Chlorophyll
  • Rhodamine