Geotech 1.66 Auto-Reclaimer Pump
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1.66 x 48" (Bottom Fill) $135 $315 $900

The Geotech 1.66 Auto-Reclaimer is designed to pump floating hydrocarbons, leachate, and condensate in total fluids applications. The 1.66 Auto-Reclaimer is operated automatically, and needs no controller. Everything needed to operate the system is built into the pump. The design withstands the harshest and most corrosive environments such as refineries, landfills or mines.


  • Intrinsically safe design and approved for hazardous environments
  • 2" diameter wells
  • Ability to pump from 250'
  • Production rates up to 3 gpm
  • Can pump particles up to 1/16" diameter
  • Built-in positive valve shifting mechanism
  • Working pressures as low as 1 psi above head pressure
  • Stainless steel housing and corrosive resistant materials for less maintenance
  • Options include: Quick connect fittings, top or bottom loading configurations and dual loading configurations
  • Accessories include: Tankfull Shut-off, standard well caps, flange well caps, Pneumatic Cycle Counter, and bonded tubing packages