Geotech 1.66 Reclaimer Pump (3 GPM, 500' max depth)
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1.66 x 24" Unit $47.25 $110.25 $315
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Bottom fill $67.50 $157.50 $450
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Top Fill $67.50 $157.50 $450
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The Reclaimer System is a positive air displacement pump designed for hydrocarbon recovery, leachate, and condensate in total fluids applications. Together with the pneumatic controller, the systems are designed to withstand aggressive down-well environments, and highly corrosive fluids without material breakdown or failure.


  • Intrinsically safe design, and approved for hazardous environments
  • 2 or larger diameter wells
  • Ability to pump from 500
  • Flow rates up to 3 gpm
  • Large intake and discharge ports
  • Corrosive resistant materials for less maintenance
  • Constructed of stainless steel
  • Optional tank-full shut-off, standard well caps, flanged well caps, and pump cycle counter