QED AP4+ SS Remediation Pump
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Bottom Load (14GPM: 250' MAX) $135 $315 $900
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Top Load, Low Draw (6.4 GPM: 250' MAX) $135 $315 $900
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QED’s AutoPump® originated the automatic air-powered pump concept in 1986 and has led the industry ever since.  The new QED AP4+ Remediation Pump builds on the success of QED’s landfill and remediation pumping technology keeping the same internal mechanism design, leading pumping rates and low air consumption.

The QED AP4+ is easier to disassemble and clean with QED’s HammerHead® pump design which is especially useful under field conditions of silt, deposits and coatings. Removing the inlet is also aided by the new, precision ID pump casing, ensuring a more controlled fit and reducing the rate of buildup of solids and coatings inside in some cases.

It also features upgraded materials for many parts to further extend the service life of the pump and to broaden the range of conditions each model can be used in.