Waterra 3-Part Well Slug
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3-Part Well Slug: 1/4 Gallon Displacement $13.50 $31.50 $90
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3-Part Well Slug: 1/3 Gallon Displacement $13.50 $31.50 $90
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Waterra 3-part well slugs provide a convenient fixed volume cylindrical solid for performing
instantaneous rising or falling head permeability tests in boreholes.

Waterra well slugs, supplied in 3 parts to simplify storage and transport, are manufactured from 3 solid cylinders of Delrin® with threaded connections to allow 1, 2 or all 3 sections to be used. Two standard sizes are available specifically for use in 50mm and 100mm diameter wells. Each size will achieve an approximate 1m change in water level within the borehole lining.

Slug tests are a convenient and well established means of determining permeability (hydraulic conductivity) in narrow diameter boreholes. Tests are carried out by instantaneously lowering or retrieving a solid cylinder of known volume within the borehole water column and recording the rate of water level recovery.