RKI GX-6000 Benzene Specific Sale
Operation Manual

RKI - GX-6000 Benzene specific (0-50ppm PID, 10.0 eV Lamp) 72-6XZX-A  $3,795

With the addition of the highly selective 10.0 eV PID sensor, the GX-6000 can now detect the BTEX family of VOC’s including benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylene with a range of 0 – 100 ppm and a library of over 300 VOC’s. By using the PID pre-filter tubes and the filter tube holder, the GX-6000 can specifically monitor for benzene at a range of 0.01 – 50 ppm by filtering out all other VOC’s. The filter tube holder has a unique break away design to avoid accidental damage if impacted or dropped. The filter tube holder also includes a safe and convenient glass breaker for the filter tube tips.


  • Benzene specific measurement: 0.01 - 50 ppm with 10.0 eV PID lamp and pre-filter tube
  • Benzene Select Mode takes timed samples using pre-filter tube
  • Benzene Filter Tube Holder has a break away design prevents accidental damage
  • 10.0 eV Selective PID sensor: 0 - 100 ppm VOC range (Normal Operating Mode)