RAE Systems ToxiRAE Pro Personal Monitor PID Sale

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ToxiRAE Pro Personal Monitor PID 10.6 eV Lamp, Non-Wireless (#G02-B000-000) $1,857 Add to Cart
ToxiRAE Pro Personal Monitor PID10.6 eV Lamp, Wireless (#G02-B004-000) $2,069 Add to Cart

Personal Wireless Monitor for Volatile Organic Compounds

The ToxiRAE Pro PID is the world’s smallest wireless volatile organic compounds (VOC) monitor. The ToxiRAE Pro PID takes worker protection to the next level by providing safety professionals wireless access to real-time instrument readings and alarm status from any location for better visibility and faster response. Featuring RAE Systems’ next-generation PID sensor, the ToxiRAE Pro PID can promptly detect and accurately monitor over 300 VOCs. With an onboard library of 190 correction factors, the ToxiRAE Pro PID can be programmed to automatically read in concentrations of the specified compound.