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Real-Time Octave Band Analyzer, Type 1 (#CEL-633C1/K1) $8,327 Add to Cart
Real-Time Octave Band Analyzer, Type 2 (#CEL-633C2/K1) $6,663 Add to Cart
Outdoor Enclosure w/o Battery (#CEL-6847) $1,395 Add to Cart
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The Casella CEL-633 real time logging environmental noise analyzer is the top of the range of the CEL-63X series. It has all of the features of the other models in the CEL-63X range making it the ideal choice for comprehensive environmental surveys or for use by consultants.

An advanced version of the popular CEL-632 logging sound level meter, the Casella CEL-633 is designed specifically to appeal to those users looking to do studies in environmental noise situations such as wind turbines or transportation studies. It can also be used to investigate specific noisy products with a view to controlling the noise output to meet mandated limits.

The CEL-633 meters are available to satisfy both the ANSI/IEC type 1 and Type 2 accuracy classifications by the choice of the appropriate microphone capsule. Both of the standard half inch diameter microphones give the CEL-633 meters a single wide measurement range from 20 to 140 dB without the need to change ranges. This will greatly simplify the collection of results since it removes the requirement to select the right range before starting to record the changing noise levels. The preamplifier is removeable from the body of the meter allowing remote applications such as environmental noise measurements in waterproof kit cases.

Three models are available designated as A, B and C versions. These differ in the amount of detail they are able to display as far as the frequency content of the noise is concerned. A version meters provide the overall broadband results with the A, C and Z (unweighted) channel for all measurements. B version meters add the capability to record 11 simultaneous octave bands from 16 Hz to 16 kHz while the C version models add 33 third octave band measurements from 12.5 Hz to 20 kHz.

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