Cole Parmer Pocket Penetrometer Sale
User Manual
Cole Parmer Pocket Penetrometer (#EW-99039-10) CALL FOR PRICING

The Cole Parmer Pocket Penetrometer is a lightweight instrument for use by field personnel to check visual classification of soils. It can be used to verify whether excavation side walls require shoring, based on OSHA cohesive soils classifications.

To operate this easy-to-use instrument, simply push the scale into the penetrometer body until the 0.0 mark is showing. Then inset the stainless steel piston into the soil. The easy-to-read scale indicates strength from 0 to 4.5 tons per square feet.

Penetrometer is constructed from stainless steel and measures 7-3/4"L x 2/3" diameter (200 x 16 mm).