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Onset HOBO 4G Micro RX Station (Solar) #RX2102  $970
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Onset Davis Rain Gauge Smart Sensor (0.01 in) #S-RGE-M002 $250
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Onset Complete 3M Tripod Kit #M-TPA-KIT $350
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Onset Davis Wind Speed and Direction Smart Sensor #S-WCF-M003 $350
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Onset Temp/Relative Humidity Sensor w/ 2m Cable #S-THC-M002 $262.50
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Onset Solar Radiation Shield #RS3-B $75
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Onset Standard US Data Plan with the 10 minute Connections (25 Sensors) #SP-814 $299
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A compact, rugged, easy-to-deploy, low-cost cellular solution for long-term, reliable field monitoring. With two power options available (a solar panel for extended deployments or user-replaceable batteries for flexible mounting in covered or protected locations), this monitoring station includes inputs for up to five of Onset's research-grade plug-and-play sensors. (Sensors must be purchased separately.)

Configurable station-side alarms trigger immediate notifications of critical conditions, and Onset's HOBOlink cloud platform makes it easy to view, access, and share data. This station can also be ordered with an additional water level sensor input with integrated flow conversion.


  • Compact size for easy deployment
  • Robust, weatherproof IP66/NEMA 4X enclosure
  • Two power options:
  • Integrated 1.7 W solar panel with rechargeable battery pack
  • 5 W and 15 W external solar panels can be added to MicroRX Station (RX2102), MicroRX Water Level Station (RX2104) or MicroRX Station for HOBOnet (RX2106)
  • User-replaceable AA lithium batteries
  • Inputs for five plug-and-play sensors
  • Option for wireless sensors using HOBOnet (RX2106 only)
  • Optional water level sensor input included in MicroRX Water Level Station, battery-powered (RX2103) and MicroRX Water Level Station, solar-powered (RX2104)
  • Built-in LCD confirms proper setup and operation
  • Integrated mounting tabs for use with screws, zip ties, or U-bolts
  • Station-side alarms, including water flow and accumulated rainfall
  • Up to 10-minute connection rates via 4G cellular data plans
  • Cloud-based monitoring and data access through HOBOlink