Heron dipper-Temp Water Level Meter Sale

Specification Sheet

Unit w/30M Tape (#1800-30M) $1,221 Add to Cart Unit w/100' Tape (#1800-100F) $1,221 Add to Cart
Unit w/60M Tape (#1800-60M) $1,420 Add to Cart Unit w/200' Tape (#1800-200F) $1,420 Add to Cart
Unit w/100M Tape (#1800-100M) $1,621 Add to Cart Unit w/300' Tape (#1800-300F) $1,621 Add to Cart
Unit w/150M Tape (#1800-150M) $2,042 Add to Cart Unit w/500' Tape (#1800-500F) $2,042 Add to Cart
The dipper-Temp temperature meter is ideal for profiling temperature and static water levels in wells, boreholes, standpipes, lakes and rivers. Temperature can alter the physical and chemical properties of water and should be accounted for when determining an increased level in biological activity and water chemistry. Groundwater temperature surveys have also taken on a new significance as geothermal energy becomes more important for domestic heating and cooling. The heat resistant Kynar jacketed measuring tape on the dipper-Temp allows for temperature profiling up to 110˚C and is able to withstand hydrocarbons, solvents and other harsh contaminants.