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YSI EcoSense 100A Meter
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Meter only (#606075) $334.75 Add to Cart
pH/Temp Probe w/1M Cable (#605377) $134 Add to Cart
pH/Temp Probe w/4M Cable (#605378) $170 Add to Cart
pH Meter w/1M Probe, Case (#606067) $489.25 Add to Cart
pH Meter w/4M Probe, Case (#606033) $535.75 Add to Cart
ORP Electrode w/1M Cable (#605376) $119.75 Add to Cart
Temp Electrode w/4M Cable (#605375) $68 Add to Cart
Carrying Case (#606031) $50.50 Add to Cart


The low overall cost of ownership includes an economical price, competitively priced probes compared to other manufacturers and rugged, reliability limiting down time. Designed specifically for spot sampling applications, the YSI EcoSense pH100A meter fills the need for simple, one-handed operation instrumentation.
The YSI pH100A also allows the ability to connect a flat-tipped (112-1) double-junction and piercing-tipped (111-1) probe for additional applications. In addition, the pH probes have waterproof, submersible cables along the length of the cable unlike many competitive probes.

Official WEFTEC 2012 Operations Challenge instrument for pH. (pH100)


  • 1-year instrument warranty
  • IP67 waterproof housing
  • Internal buffer recognition
  • Auto or manual temperature compensation
  • CE compliance
  • Sensors are available as single parameter or combinations for pH or mV and temperature
  • Low battery indicator with 1000 hour battery life
  • Electrode offset recognition
  • Autolock mode holds stable readings on display
  • Displays electrode efficiency
  • 50 data set memory

The pH100A (gray) directly replaces the pH100 (blue).
Instrument and cables ordered separately unless ordering as a kit.
Kits are available as an instrument, cable (1- or 4-meters), and hard-sided case.