Geotech BP Controller 300 PSI Sale
Specifications Sheet 
Operation Manual
Geotech BP Controller 300 PSI (#81150042) $3,111

The Bladder Pump (BP) Controller (300 or 500 PSI) utilizes advanced electronic logic to control gentle, low-flow sampling. Simple to use, accurate microprocessor controlled FILL/DISCHARGE timers are utilized to recreate expert techniques for low-flow sampling. The BP Controllers are equipped with high-pressure valves and fine resolution regulators that can deliver in remote and deep sampling applications.

BP Controllers connect to any bladder pump system with the use of simple quick-connect adapters.

  • Designed for durable, trouble-free operation
  • High pressure operation for greater depths
  • Multiple power input options
  • Microprocessor controlled timers for accuracy
  • Internal over-pressure protection
  • Battery over-draw protection
  • Water Level Meter compatibility for well draw-down
  • Intuitive user controls and status indicator
  • Accessories cavity for easy portability
  • Included: Air-In and Air-Out Hoses, AC Power Supply, DC Power Cord and Clip Adapter, Geotech Drawstring Bag