Proactive Poseidon 12 Volt Submersible Pump Sale

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Proactive Poseidon 60−90 ft. (#PPOS-6000) $338.78 Add to Cart
Proactive Poseidon 80−90 ft. (#PPOS-8000) $348.61 Add to Cart

A 12 volt battery or solar operated submersible water pump that easily fits into a 2 inch well.

The Proactive Poseidon™ 12 volt submersible pump is engineered for pump tests and groundwater remediation. This pump line series fits into a schedule 40 or 80 two-inch well. The Poseidon 80 pumps 80 feet depth to water. The Poseidon 60 pumps 60 feet depth to water.

It's simple to install and operate. Just hose clamp onto the pump barb tip a 3/8” id polyethylene tubing and attach your desired suspension rope to the eye hook provided on top of the pump.  Then, lower the pump to the desired water depth and energize the pump with a deep cycle marine battery and/or a small solar system. Also, you can hook up the Poseidon pump to our weatherproof 110 volt step down transformer.  

The life of the pump depends of course how often it is used. The great benefit of the Poseidon Pump Series is the patented replaceable motor module that can be changed out within 60 seconds.

The Poseidon 60 and 80 pumps are engineered for ease of use. The pumps consist of 4 components:

  1. The replaceable motor module
  2. The motor module housing top connector
  3. The outside pump housing
  4. The pump power wire

Important notes

  • The Poseidon Pump series is constructed from ABS/PVC and Stainless steel.
  • Specifications and color of the pumps may change without notice.
  • The Poseidon 60 pump wire may be cut down to any specific length. However, the Poseidon 80 pump wire cannot be cut to shorter lengths. Doing so will over amp and over volt the motor module causing premature failure. 
  • When using the Poseidon 80 pump, only use this pump at depths of 40 feet DTW or deeper. Failure to do so will damage the motor module and void all warranties.