Proactive Mega-Monsoon (210' Lead / 200' Pumping Depth) 24V Sale
Specification Sheet
Flow Rates
Proactive Mega-Monsoon Pump (210' Lead / 200' Pumping Depth) (#P-10520) $734.51

The Mega-Monsoon wields unbelievable pumping power! It is capable of pumping up to 200 feet from ground level by simply connecting the pump to our revolutionary Low Flow w/Power Booster III Controller. This controller increases 12 volts to a constant 24 volts, (with higher amperage than the Low Flow w/Power Booster II Controller.) In return, the Mega-Monsoon will make your next groundwater sampling event go much quicker when it comes to purging a well. And with the Low Flow w/Power Booster III Controller, the field technician now has the ability to control the flow of water being discharged from the Mega-Monsoon thus, keeping up with EPA groundwater standards for Low Flow Sampling.

The Mega-Monsoon's reliable design is suitable for continuous sampling or purging of groundwater wells.