Carus Solves Soil and Groundwater Remedial Needs

Speaker: Troy Lizer, US Regional Manager, Carus Corporation 



The goal of Carus Corp is to manufacture quality products to help its customers solve environmental concerns. The company’s catalog includes products used for water, industrial and air remediation.

Any project starts with two prongs: Identifying the materials that need to be remediated, and how best to accomplish the task.

According to Troy, approximately 68 percent of remediation sites nationally prioritize the use of three chemistries “to close the job,” he says. “One chemistry usually doesn’t work. The lack of characteristics in a chemistry, how it is applied and how it reacts, determines what is used.”

Troy adds that there’s a need to characterize each site to achieve the maximum benefit of any remediation. “The goal is to use the characteristics of available chemicals to your benefit.”

Carus specializes in permanganate, which is recognized as the “go-to” product for chlorinated sulfate treatment, but can also be used to address other chemical contaminants. The company’s two pioneer products are RemOx® S ISCO reagent (potassium permanganate) and RemOx® L ISCO reagent (40% sodium permanganate).

The benefits of using permanganate include how it doesn’t require activation and its applicability over a wide pH range.

A few case studies from Carus:

Cleanup of a former industrial site used for degreasing, location undisclosed
Problem: More than 16,000 tons of soil needed to be treated of contaminants that measured 750 parts per billion (ppb). Both indoor and outdoor areas required remediation.
Solution: It was more effective to treat the soil rather than haul it away. Using (TREATMENT), 340 tons of soil were treated every day. After 40 days, contaminant levels were reduced to non-detectable levels.

Cleanup of wood treating facility in Gainesville, GA
Problem: Nearby lagoons and soil were contaminated by creosote that had seeped into the ground.
Solution: Using in situ geochemical stabilization (ISGS), a blend of mineral salts and binding agents, including a 50-50 mix of silica sand and Remox (not sure which Remox) was successfully deployed to treat the lagoons and soil.

Cleanup of 15 acre site in Carolinas
Problem: Site near major highway, roads and swampland was contaminated by TCE (trichloroethylene)? The TCE level was greater than 1 million ug/l.
Solution: A Remox® sand blend was used with other injectors in two borings 25 feet apart, with 23,000 pounds of soil replaced. Contaminant levels were reduced by 70-99 percent.

Clean Up of site Mississauga
Problem: Site contamination PCE thru VC at 1000 micrograms/liter total VOC, very tight soil lithology and contamination under building structure.
Solution: Stepwise treatment with activated persulfate, potassium permanganate RemOx S, slow release cylinders RemOx SR+ in combination with SHMP (sodium hexametaphosphate) and sodium permanganate RemOx L. Each amendment deployed at a specific time to a specific location. Combining multiple treatment amendments allowed for site closre after the two year process.