New Jersey Lab Certification

FEI Exton now meets New Jersey calibration standards!

Field Environmental Instruments, Inc., (FEI) is now certified to provide water quality instrumentation that meets calibration standards for New Jersey.

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Office of Quality Assurance (OQA) recently granted permission for the Philadelphia branch of the Pittsburgh-headquartered company to conduct testing after FEI met standards in accordance with NJAC 7:18. The Philadelphia Branch is now Lab# PA096.

The certification enables FEI to work with companies in need of water quality equipment that meet the strict calibration guidelines laid out in NJAC 7:18.
FEI is certified under the following Analyze Immediately parameters for:

  • Dissolved oxygen
  • Turbidity
  • Specific conductance
  • pH
  • Temperature

Established in 1996 in Pittsburgh, FEI offers an extensive inventory of environmental instruments, monitoring equipment, and supplies, and unparalleled customer service. The company’s operating partners have more than 50 years of expertise, are customer-oriented, and able to analyze and solve a wide range of environmental problems.

For more information, please contact Alex Pickl:

  • Toll free: 800-393-4009