Tedlar Bags


Single Fitting, 2 mil, 1L Vol. (each) $18.25 Add to Cart
Single Fitting, 2 mil, 1L Vol. (10 pack) $152 Add to Cart

  • unique seam construction for added strength
  • no chemical reaction with the sample
  • lot certification (Method TO 14) with precleaned components
  • low permeability

The ESS Air Sampling Bag incorporates a two opening system for sampling and extraction.

The side port/stem (3/16" OD) allows filling with a pneumatic pump and tubing, and for rapid emptying of the bag.

The top of the valve is turned clockwise to close and counter clockwise to open. Continually counter clockwise turning will lead to the top of the valve coming off. One full turn is sufficient to fill the bag.

The hole in the top of the valve allows you to inject or extract through a septum with a syringe.

Operating notes:

  • - Connect tubing to the side stem for filling or evacuating
  • - Turn valve top at least on full counter clockwise turn to open
  • - To close the valve, turn valve top clockwise until it stops
  • - Take a syringe sample by piercing the inner septum approx. ¾ into the valve through the hole in the top of the valve
  • - Recommended filling to 17.7 psi. It is advisable to only fill the bag to ¾ full in order to allow for pressure change in transit.