Safety Cutter
Retractable Utility Knife $5.50 each
  • COMFORT GRIP HANDLE: A rubberized coating lines the sides of this knife. It enables you to maintain a firm grip in slippery conditions
  • 3 LOCKING POSITIONS: You can keep the blade extended at up to 3 different levels. This is useful for switching between delicate jobs like cutting zip ties next to fragile materials or tougher jobs like stripping carpet
  • LANYARD HOLE: On top of keeping this blade stored in your pocket, you can keep this looped through a lanyard or carabiner with the conveniently placed hole
  • ONBOARD BLADE STORAGE: Up to three extra blades can be stored inside this knife
  • IMPACT-RESISTANT ALUMINUM: You can keep this with you on higher risk jobs and know that it will hold up to wear and tear daily