AquaBlok 2080FW

Spec Sheet

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Sealing and Chemical Barrier for Water Control and Remediation

AquaBlok® 2080FW composite particle is a patented material based on proven bentonite composite-aggregate technology. The use of bentonite coating layer provides a low-permeability sealing layer for sediment remediation and in a range of upland and aquatic sealing applications.

Bentonite-based sealing solution provides benefits over traditional approaches:
  • Self-compacting—No mixing or mechanical compaction.
  • Ultra-low permeability—Hydraulic conductivity of 1x10-7 to 1x10-9 cm/sec.
  • Thin layers—6 inches or less provides barrier.
  • Low-cost installation—Handles like grout.

AquaBlok applications include MGP sites, refinery sites, riverines, ponds, and upland seep zones. Installations configurations include low permeability cap, cut-off wall, upland PRB, landfill cap repair, funnel and gate, post-dredge backfill, bank stabilization, and residual sequestration.