QuickFilter Inline Filters

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Micropurge Low Flow Sampling Guide

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0.45 Micron QuickFilter (#QF045) $22.95 Add to Cart $22.45 Add to Cart $21.95 Add to Cart
1.0 Micron QuickFilter High Capacity (#QF100) $29.93 Add to Cart n/a   n/a  
5.0 Micron QuickFilter (#QF500) $27.23 Add to Cart n/a   n/a  

Additional filter sizes available upon request.

QuickFilters are the original ground water sampling filter cartridges for field use, developed to meet the stringent purity requirements of sensitive ground water quality monitoring programs. When sample filtration is required, disposable QuickFilter cartridges are easier to use, faster, and provide more consistent results than other filtration methods. When used directly in-line with a proper sampling pump, QuickFilters provide additional benefits of eliminating sample alteration due to air contact and/or sample quality changes with time and temperature.