Koby FlushLock Vapor Extraction Plugs

Product Brochure

Koby FlushLock Vapor Extraction Plug 2" T2V $44/each Add to Cart
Koby FlushLock Vapor Extraction Plug 4" T4V $64/each Add to Cart
Koby Qwik Connect Female w/ Brass Barb & 2' of Tubing  $26/each Add to Cart
Koby FlushLock Vapor Extraction Line Key FLVEK $13.95/each Add to Cart

Note: Additional sizes available. Please call for pricing and availability.

No metals. No locks.

The FlushLock vapor extraction well plugs are flush in height and diameter with well casing, freeing up space in pro casings or manholes. Made from an environmentally sustainable prime nylon, these high tech “safety orange” locking well plugs use no metal or padlocks, just a unique security key for the ultimate in well protection. Ideal for vapor extraction or product insertion applications.


  • FlushLock vapor extraction/product insertion system
  • Ultimate low profile space saving design, field adaptable to any situation
  • Precision FlushLock security line key, easy on, easy off
  • FlushLock QUAD 4 gasket sealing system
  • Brass quick connect with 3/16” brass barb house fitting with a 1/8” NPT fitting
  • High precision brass needle valve
  • Highly flexible nylon tubing 1/4” OD x 1/8” ID
  • Quick connect flexible tubing adapter, simplified in the field additions, reductions
  • Liquid tight rubber dust cover