How to Order

Now You Can Build Your Order Online!

Please read the instructions below to understand this new feature of the FEI website.

You will not be asked to submit payment online. After you've built and submitted your order, your customer service representative will contact you to confirm all details, and follow up with an FEI Order Quote and total cost of your order.

Fill your shopping cart with the items you wish to order

  • The cart will automatically add one of every item. If you require more than one, please change the quantity.
  • If you are renting equipment, you will have an opportunity to define the term of your rental (#of days/weeks/months) during the checkout process.
  • Click “checkout” to proceed to the order form.

Complete the order form

Step 1: Your Email

  • Please enter your email address and choose if you want to checkout as a guest or create/use an account.
  • Follow the instructions provided based on your choice.

Step 2: Your Billing Address

  • Complete all fields.
  • If your shipping address is different than your billing address, you will be asked to provide that address as well.

Step 3: FEI Branch/Customer Service Representative

  • You will be asked to choose your customer service representative to expedite your order.
  • If you don't have a customer service representative, select "Pittsburgh HQ: TBD" and we will assign someone to you.

Step 4: For Rentals Only

  • This section is for RENTALS ONLY. Provide the start rental date and the estimated term of your rental.
  • Additional order requirements can be defined in the "Comments" field. 

Step 5: Order Summary

  • The total of the items you added to your cart will be listed.This total does not include tax and shipping which appear as $0 by default, but this is not the total of your order.
  • After you have completed the form and confirmed your order, your customer service representative will call you to discuss shipping requirements, special handling, and the additional rental details defined in the previous step.
  • You will receive an FEI Order Quote with the total of your order for review and approval.

Step 6: Purchase Order Number

  • Provide your PO#.  If you don't have one at the time you order, please include your name in the PO field provided.
  • Choose "confirm your order" and you will see the details of your order.
  • If you wish to make any changes to your order, you can discuss them with your customer service representative during the confirmation call.